The Open-Source Drupal Environment Manager

Automated Drupal Development Hosting.

DevShop streamlines the Drupal development workflow.

 By leveraging Aegir, Git, & Features, DevShop standardizes the way Drupal sites get built, tested, & deployed.

Many Projects, 
Many Sites. 

DevShop simplifies managing a lot of projects, with many sites each.

Create a new project with just a Git URL, fire up as many environments as you need from your project's branches.

No more custom deployment scripts.

DevShop makes it a breeze to build, test and deploy your Drupal projects.

Pull Code, Sync Content, Run Tests, and Commit Features, for all of your projects, all from a single front-end control panel. 

Read the Install Instructions at

Once you have a linux server and a domain name, installation is as easy as:

            root@devshop:~# wget
            root@devshop:~# bash install

See for more information.

The Open-Source Drupal Environment Manager

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